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Patient Information

We care about providing our patients with the best treatment and answering all the questions they may have about our services.

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List of Fees

Sliding scale fees are offered. Sessions may last from 15 minutes to two hours as determined by the doctor, client, and needs.

  • Health Consultations

    Depending on the time and finances of the client, the sessions could be from $50 to $300

  • Therapeutic Massage, Trager Bodywork, Relaxation Sessions, and Neuromuscular Therapy

    1/2 hour session - $30 – $60
    1 to 2-hour session -
    $65 – $100

*No one is refused services for financial reasons.
*Phone consultations are offered for most services and workshops. Call about Juice Fasting, Life Is an Opportunity, Weight Loss, or Health & Wellness Programs. The Center has clients throughout the United States who work with the Center by phone. You may wish to as well from the comfort of your home or office.
*Payment fees selected by clients should be based on the time for the consultation and their income and finances.

Insurance Coverage

Mount Washington Valley and Gorhman Areas


Accepting most insurance coverage for office visits in Mount Washington Valley. Contact us for any questions you may have regarding your insurance.

Want to Request an Appointment?

Feel free to contact us to request your appointment with Dr. Becky Mulkern, ND