Are you sick and tired of being”sick and tired”?

If you were given just one car and no other for your whole life, just think of the care that you would give to that car. You would make sure that it would last your whole lifetime. Yet you are given and entrusted with one truly amazing body this lifetime, and just think for a moment about the care that you have given this vehicle. It is amazing to think about how well many bodies have survived the abuse and the lack of appropriate care. Many individuals give their bodies and whole beings a great deal of abuse with all the junk-food diets, lack of exercise, over-work and stress- filled busy schedules that they live by these days. Burnout and stress-related illness is on the rise, yet few individuals understand that there is a great deal that they can do to prevent these results.



Dr. Mulkern is proud to announce that the Center for Natural Health is now offering ONDAMED biofeedback sessions. We are the first clinic in New Hampshire and in Northern New England to make the ONDAMED biofeedback system available to clients.

The ONDAMED is a revolutionary biofeedback system launched in Europe 10 years ago with tremendous
acceptance by practitioners including integrated and alternative medical professionals in diverse specialties.

Dr. Mulkern has released her first book!

Becky Mulkern ND has been working in Conway as a licensed Naturopathic Doctor, Trauma Counselor and Holistic Practitioner for over 34 years. During that time she has been on radio and TV, written for natural health journals and local newspapers and taught at colleges and universities. She is a member of the NH Association of Naturopathic Doctors, a founding board member of the White Mountain Waldorf School and a dedicated organic gardener and environmentalist.

Becky has recently finished writing and is presently publishing her first book called “Life is an Opportunity”. It originates from a class of the same name which she taught for over 30 years. As she saw the miraculous changes that individuals in her classes experienced she was deeply touched and profoundly changed as well. (Classes are taught throughout the year, please inquire)

The book which has been a 30 year project contains personal stories and creative tools for attracting and creating a life full of joy, unconditional love and endless opportunities. There are priceless and profound quotes from years of collecting, as well as some current philosophical and spiritual thoughts about our collective future. This is an important book for the evolutionary times that we live in. Autographed book may be purchased through Dr. Mulkern.