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Meet Becky Mulkern ND

Becky Mulkern is a Licensed Naturopathic Doctor in the state of New Hampshire with more than 38 years of experience in clinical practice and the holistic field.

She welcomes inquiries and is accepting new patients at this time. 

She graduated in 1982 as a Naturopathic Doctor from the International College of Natural Health Sciences in Bemidji, Minnesota and she attended ithe University of New Hampshire where she received a degree in Social Work in 1992. Since then she has added numerous other holistic approaches including Ondamed pulse biofeedback and “Guided Self-Healing”.

She has lectured extensively, written for holistic journals and newspapers, and educated groups and individuals for many years. She has also recently released her first book called “Life is an Opportunity.” She employs only natural and non-invasive means and methods to support the body and mind in restoring vital balances. Each program is tailored to an individual’s needs, their needs, goals and the speed at which they desire to make non-stressful changes.

Our Practice & Core Values

Dr. Mulkern founded the Center for Natural Health in 1982, and has directed activities since that time. The Center emphasizes safe, natural and wholistic health care for families and individuals and recognizes healing as a vital instrument in bringing balance and wellness to all levels of being—-body, mind, emotions and spirit. Emphasis is placed on supporting your healing potentials, restoring wholeness, maintaining wellness and preventing disease.

 “Life is an Opportunity” Book

We are living in an evolutionary time of opportunity and transformation. Those who step up and stand for their heartfelt desires may experience an amazing new future. Though you may be experiencing anxiety, PTSD, powerlessness, or poor health, it is time to heal emotionally, physically and spiritually. 

Break free from stress, old patterns, and limitations. As you quiet your mind and transform old worn out judgments and belief systems, you can heal trauma. This releases fear and powerlessness as well. 

You can then find peace of mind, joy, and gratitude. Through new, conscious, and empowering choices, you create opportunities for growth, evolution, and healing. In turn, you experience the healing power of unconditional acceptance and love, the creative power of prayer, and the joyful celebration of life. You can trust and have faith that the universe is supporting and guiding you on your way toward unconditional acceptance, love, healing, and joy. Create miracles in your life and feel blessed to know your heart-based inner self, your connection to the universe, and the amazing miracles that are awaiting you. Life is an opportunity!

“Feeling Safe…. a Journey to Finding
Peace and Healing Through Awareness of PTSD” Book

Becky is writing her second book now called “Feeling Safe…. a Journey to Finding Peace and Healing through Awareness of PTSD”

Excerpts from my second book….. 

“Exploring my own trauma, shock, anxiety and PTSD has lead me to understand a great deal more about health, trauma, anxiety, mental health, depression and health care than I ever expected to. I now see how everything is connected, in places where I didn’t before.” 

“I now believe that physical, mental, emotional and spiritual trauma are root causes of disease. Some of you may say…. “I knew that.” Others may not believe it and some may say, “Well, maybe that is true some of the time, but not always.”

“Today, Trauma is one of our most urgent public health concerns. (Though most people do not understand it.) There is nothing in the American health system that is more important to focus on. I am not just talking about what happens in war zones, or with sexual or physical abuse and weather catastrophes which all contribute to PTSD, but every day life and life experiences where the stress, fear, anxiety and trauma becomes encoded in our viscera and whole being. Our mind and body carry the imprint of our life experiences. Our past literally becomes engraved into our psyche and confined in our body. Until you better understand PTSD as I began to, you will not know this.”

“Trauma is everywhere, it surrounds us, whether we know it or not. I see it everywhere. I see it in people’s eyes. What is amazing to me is the resilience, power and healing capacities of the human being. The human spirit is powerful. We are actually programmed to be able to heal from almost anything.”

“I feel that it is so much more valuable to my clients to have a meaningful diagnosis and to understand the possible causes of their past and present concerns. In understanding that previous trauma could be an underlying factor in their diagnosis and their health issues, I feel that it gives them hope that they can heal the old traumas and move on. In the holistic field, there are so many possibilities to heal and eliminate the effects of trauma, anxiety, depression and symptoms of PTSD. There are herbal and homeopathic remedies, movement and shaking exercises, breathing patterns and meditation, Ondamed Pulsed Biofeedback, group and theater work and more. In focusing on the health and healing processes, we can change so much and move in a direction of health, healing and wellness.”

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